Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Facebook joke page

Hi guys,

           This is the official blog for our Facebook page: Laugh of your life. If you haven't yet, I want you to go check out our page. We have 5 cool admins(ahem...including me) and we bring you the newest and the most AWESOME jokes. Feel free to use our jokes on your Facebook profile, your twitter, etc. Now you might be having a few questions in your mind like:

> there are tons of joke pages on Facebook, so why choose Laugh of your life?  
   To understand why? I want you to take 5 minutes of your time and go through our Facebook page timeline.

> So we have a Facebook, what do we do here? 
For daily updates you can check our Facebook page. But I'll be posting up a bunch of pictures and jokes here, so you can come back and read anytime.
> Ok! so just following our jokes? what else?
We are looking for your participation too. If you have something funny, let us know! Post it to us on Facebook, or comment here. If we find it funny, we'll add it here with your name.

> Are all jokes posted by Laugh of your life, originals?
No! they aren't! But we do have a lot of our own.

I know there should be a few more questions to analytically prove how awesome this page is, but I'm guessing, by now you'll know! ;-)

With the introduction of this, now we have a Facebook page and a blog. Soon we'll be on Twitter too. So wait for our posts, I'll be updating regularly! Hope you have a nice day and don't forget to follow.