Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Topic game of March 14, 2013

  • Ladies, I learned this trick from my grandpa! If you let me put my ear to your crotch, I can tell you how easy you are. (Topic "lady" suggested by Ankica Bozikova)
  • Writing a children's poem! Just need something that rhymes with "serial pooper" and I'm done!(Topic "child" suggested by Johnny Lopez)
  • (Topic "Goofy" suggested by Sovec Ivan)

    • I found out yesterday that the words "false information" spelled backwards is the same! (Topic "word" by Ashley Liermann)
    • So if my ears are burning because someone is talking about me, what exactly does it mean when my crotch is itching? Just curious!
      (Topic "burn" by
      Bharat Bajoria)
    • The best part of this movie was when my girlfriend fell down the aisle trying to get me some popcorn. (Topic "popcorn" by Jasmine Loredo)
    •  Peeing in the day- *pssss trickle trickle*

      Peeing in the middle of the night- *WOOOOSSSSSHHHH PSSSSSHHHHHH IT's the fucking NIAGARA FALLS* (Topic "Trickle" by Robert Ramsey)
    • Damn, I think I just spilled beer all over........ the inside of my stomach. (Topic "stomach" by Prastut Sharma Rizal)
    • I just tripped and fell over my neighbor's bra in her bathroom...........this place is boobie trapped! (Topic "b**bies" by Co-admin Mayurika ( \m/ ))
    • Topic "boys" by Ashley Jones

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